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When you experience stage fright, your presentation suffers from “I, I, me, me” syndrome.  The 10 R’s are tools to use to let go of the inward focus and be with your audience.  This allows you to react, respond and connect with people in a way that they can hear you.  There are many brilliant human beings with valuable information for the universe.  Unless they can express it in a way that others can receive it, what good is it?



I read your manuscript and I think it is quite good. It is easy to read, useful and concise. I’m impressed.”
– Esther Fortunoff Green, Fortunoff’s

It’s like a reference book, you can get a lot ouf of “The 10R’s For Better Speaking” in 15 minutes. It is compassionate, ethical, easy, and step by step. Other speaking methods suggest imagining your audience naked so you can feel superior. This book is about respecting yourself and your audience.
– Phyllis Szrot, Human Resource Director, Garfield County, Colorado

“The 10R’s For Better Speaking” is an approachable book. I felt the author was there just for me, the reader. The premise is intelligent, but accessible, simple, smart, sensible and pragmatic. I like “her voice”. The book covers so much of what goes on inside me when I am dealing with speaking to people I don’t know.”
– Pamela L. Wilson D.D.S

This is a hard hitting book that gets to the core of speaking fears. “The 10R’s For Better Speaking” also is about how you can contribute the gifts you have to give. It gets very deep into purpose.”
– Barbara Rudnicki, Author of “Pack Your Own Parachute”